Quality Over Quantity

My name is Mike and my story is simple. I am a guy with endless energy that loves to build, make, and repair almost anything. So you ask, how does this qualify me to build a high quality teardrop trailer?

I am a person who enjoys the outdoors in many ways including road biking, mountain biking, backpacking, camping, gardening, traveling, boating, and RV’ing among others. These are many of the reasons I love living in Washington State. But it’s the fascination of the RV that really got my attention many years ago. A self contained portable “cabin on wheels” with all the comforts of home that can go with you almost anywhere. But, the most exciting aspect to me about an RV are all the included systems and mechanics that bring it alive. Electrical, both low voltage and line voltage, propane system, plumbing, HVAC, and exterior and interior mechanics. (awnings, slides, cabinetry, wheels, brakes, doors, windows, etc.) All of these things fit in well with both my career as a facilities technician and my hobbies and interests that occupy my personal time with my favorite of all being wood working and electrical.

Each Trailer Handcrafted

Originally, I had the idea to buy inexpensive RV’s, fix them up, then sell them for fun. But, deep down what I really wanted to do was start from scratch and build my own full sized custom RV’s, again, just for the fun of it. Then, one day while researching this idea I came across the teardrop trailer. I thought to myself, why didn’t I think of them before! Small, compact, and packed with all of the systems I enjoy working with, not to mention how much less space they would take up while building them!

Not built like an RV, but built like fine furniture.

Of all the things I have ever made or built, my first teardrop trailer build was the most fun I have ever experienced! Designing and creating this very functional little trailer entirely from scratch was very satisfying. Since then, I have built more, perfecting each one as I go. I know, another guy who thinks he can go into business making and selling teardrop trailers.

I believe what sets me apart from the rest is my attention to detail. From my cabinetry to my meticulous running of electrical cable, I don’t cut corners on any portion of my trailers for any reason. My only goal is to build and share with others a beautiful, high quality, and functional teardrop trailer using the talents God gave me and have a blast while doing it! I believe I offer a very competitively priced trailer with higher than average quality, amenity choices for everyone, and a passion for building each trailer as if it were going to be my own. With all of this said, O-rama! Teardrop Trailers is born! 


Mike LaCroix