4/30/2018-Busy shop. The Best!

4/27/2018-“Otis”, my 1964 Aristocrat Lil Loafer re-build is done! My favorite project of all time!

4/21/2018-Working on four more!! 

3/31/2018-Happy Trails Bob and Heidi! Thank You!

3/28/2018-Enjoy your new trailer Ted! Happy Camping and Thank You!!

2/28/2018-Waiting for you to take them camping!

1/18/2018-Almost Done!  

12/29/2017-Chugging along on these two trailers. Two is better than one, I like to say.  :^) 

12/14/2017-Two more in the making! The elves never stop building! 



11/17/2017-Thank you Lana and Jerry! Have fun using your new trailer!

10/23/2017-Thank you David and Alley! Enjoy your new trailer!

10/23/2017-Safety First! Every aspect of my trailer builds are inspected, including the AC wiring with this Dielectric tester. 

10/10/2017-Progress is good!

10/3/2017-Insulation and electrical. YES PLEASE!

9/28/2017-Moving along on these bad boys! 

9/20/2017-A couple more in the making! One could be yours!

8/28/2017-Happy camping John and Sherri! Enjoy your new trailer. :^) Thank you!

8/2/2017-Say hello to my little friend! Or I should say “Lil” friend, my 1964 Aristocrat Lil Loafer ! A project for the spare time that I don’t have! Love this thing! 

7/31/2017-Enjoy your new trailer David! Thank you!

7/26/2017-Have fun in your new trailer, Mark and Erin! Thank You!

7/21/2017-Happy Trails, Kathy and John!! Thank you!

7/6/2017-A couple more in the making!

6/12/2017-A couple more in the making!

6/7/2017-Happiness in the making. 

5/22/2017-Happy camping Bernard and Heather! Enjoy your new trailer! Thank you!

5/12/2017-Projects Galore!

5/2/2017-Happy Teardrop Trails Chris and Kat! Thank you!

5/1/2017-Builds coming along!

4/28/2017-More builds in progress. :^)

4/24/2017-Enjoy your new trailer Larry! Thank you!


4/21/2017-Starting on a couple more!!



4/13/2017-64 cabinet doors of pleasure, in the making!

4/5/2017-Customer’s trailer is finished. Good times ahead!

4/4/2017-Copious Amounts of ceiling/roof assemblies. Happiness. 

3/30/2017-Almost Done. :^)

3/24/2017-This one is coming along!

3/18/2017-Thank you Tony and Cindi! Have fun with your new trailer!!


3/16/2017-Thank you Curtis and Tammy! Enjoy your new O-rama! Teardrop Trailer! Thank you!

3/9/2017-A pair of fun!