Are you tired of tent camping? Get off the ground and experience how an O-rama! Teardrop Trailer can simplify your camping adventures .

 Now is the time for me to build you a beautiful, handcrafted O-rama! Teardrop Trailer to enjoy this camping season!


Currently, my focus is on building 5×8 sized trailers that can be pulled by nearly any compact car. Although considered small to some and not for everyone, there truly is ample room for two average people to sleep comfortably. The 5×8 fits queen sized bedding. But, unlike a tent, you stay warm and dry and depending on what features are included, cozy, with ample lighting, music, a movie and a complete galley to cook in. And all of these amenities are ready the moment you pull into the campground. With this said, I will post pictures of current available trailers and keep you posted on current projects.  In addition, I will gladly take orders for 5×8 trailers based off my current design, with as much or as little as you want as described in my “Prices and Specifications” page. My goal and pleasure is to always be working on a teardrop trailer, whether its yours or one to add to  my inventory. And remember, because I am a licensed RV Manufacturer and Dealer, you can be sure your trailer is built to comply with legal RV manufacturing codes. This naturally makes for  easier and proper titling and registration as well as bank financing. Thanks for your interest!