As obvious as it may sound, using our teardrop trailer to camp is a joy. It makes camping so much more simple and fun. Its easy to keep ready to go in a moments notice and can be towed so easily. 

Although camping is how our trailer gets used most, we also love using it for one day outdoor trips. The simplicity of a teardrop trailer allows us to just hook up and go as well as taking it to places that other RV’s may not be able to go. With it comes all of the luxuries we love: the awning, a kitchen, music and battery power, especially for use with our ARB fridge. 

This trip took us to Ocean Shores in Washington State. It was going to be in the 90’s today inland, so we decided to hook yp the trailer and head to the coast to enjoy some cooler, but still warm temperatures. We love the beach, even in this case, where there were LOTS of people. We were obviously not the only ones who had the same idea. A lot of people made the drive to find  cooler temperatures. 

The fun thing about Ocean Shores is that you can drive on the beach for miles until you find someplace to park and call your own for the day. 

We found our little slice of pleasure away from the craziness that parks closer to the many beach entrance’s. When we parked, we promptly whipped out the awning and two of the three awning extensions to offer up some shade from the sun, for both us and our pups. We then plugged in our ARB fridge into one of the trailers 12 volt outlets. This ensured our food and beverages would stay nice and chilled. 

On this day, we also brought our portable hammock. That bad boy is nice! Beyond this, there was a lot of doing absolutely nothing all day! I know it makes for a less than interesting blog entry, but I need more of these days, thats for sure! 

These two can hardly wait to get on the open road. When I am getting things ready to go they take position until its time to head out! 

It was time to escape the weather in Western Washington and head to the Eastern side for some sun! This long weekend trip proved to be perfect timing, as Western Washington was going to receive a small wind storm, and pretty much be its same ol self…..gray and rainy. 

The 200 mile trip to Maryhill, in the Columbia River Gorge, was interesting as the wind was really blowing! There were quite a few white knuckle moments driving south on I-5. It felt good to be towing the teardrop, as we witnessed others towing their large RV’s being blown around in a scary fashion. 

Most of our camping destinations are in the Columbia River Gorge. These areas offer so many outdoor activities as well as a pretty good guarantee of nice weather. Being early in the official camping season, we easily got a premium spot on the river with beautiful views.

The day we arrived, Friday, was a pretty windy, but nothing we couldn’t handle, especially since it was accompanied with blue sky and sun! Speaking of wind, I have to mention how much I love the Rhino Rack awning. It is VERY stable in strong winds when the guy lines are used. This is important to us since we really need that extra little bit of real estate for many things, but mainly to contain one of our dogs, especially at night.  

Saturday was a nice lazy day, although I don’t understand how the day goes buy so quickly while technically doing nothing! The Maryhill campground offers lots of dog walking and open spaces. 

Sunday started with a nice little fire to warm up. Soon after breakfast, we headed over the river, and about 10 miles West on I-84 on the Oregon side to the Deschutes River Recreation area. We really love the hiking through this valley. It offers so many beautiful views and trails. We chose to stay on the old railroad grade since we pull a wagon with our senior Shelty dog, Sparky, She just can’t walk much with her arthritis, but we want to include her in our adventures since she has been a part of them her entire life. On this day we walked 9 mile. This area makes you want to just keep walking! Around every bend it just keeps surprising you with excellent views and beauty, When we got back late in the day, we managed a little time to relax before we got the bbq going for dinner. 

When Monday came along, it was time to eat breakfast, pack up, and head on home. We decided to travel home along the river on Hwy 14 on the Washington State side. We drove to the campground on I-84 along the river on the Oregon State side. Hwy 14 is a two lane, slightly more scenic, but slower way home, But with such a beautiful day to start on the eastern side of the state, it was a very nice drive.  As soon as we hit the Western side again, the rain, wind, and some sun welcomed us. 

With the business of building teardrop trailers, I find it more difficult to get out on the road myself, so it felt good to get one under the belt already early in the season. At times I get a little jealous talking to customers who have worked hard their whole life and now use their trailers on a consistent basis. Someday that will be me!! Until next time, happy camping!